Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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European govts have not honored their agreements with Iran yet: Ayatollah Khamenei



Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, met Saturday afternoon with Stefan Lofven, the Prime Minister of Sweden

President Rouhani was also present at the meeting.


Speaking at the meeting, His Eminence referred to the numerous capacities of both countries for improving their cooperation, reiterating: “I welcome a development in the relations between the two countries in all arenas and I hope that the negotiations and agreements between Iran and Sweden will be put into practice.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated that the level of the current relations between Iran and Sweden is below the existing capacities and added: “Because of its long history of relations with Iran, Sweden is a reputable country in the eyes of our people and this optimism of nations towards one another is good ground for developing relations.”

Pointing to the visit of some European governments to Tehran in the last one and a half years, Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that most of the agreements signed during that period of time have not been implemented yet, saying: “You are known as a man of action and therefore, it is expected that you act in a way that the agreements signed between the two countries will not be confined to paperwork.” 

His Eminence mentioned that the most important capacity of Iran is its educated, energetic and prepared youth and its enthusiastic, determined and unwavering people.

Referring to the glorious 22nd of Bahman rallies, he said: “The anniversary of revolutions in the world is carried out as an act of formality in the form of a military maneuver and with the presence of a few outstanding personalities and politicians, but in Iran the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution is a real celebration, one that is organized by the people themselves and with the presence of individuals from all social backgrounds.”

The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution believes that this enthusiastic and exemplary presence is an amazing and unique sign of the energy and preparedness of the Iranian nation: “The analysts who make a judgment about Iran at a distance are incapable of understanding the significance of this greatness.”

Ayatollah Khamenei stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran gave a vote of confidence to Sweden’s membership in the United Nations Security Council. He added: “The United Nations Security Council is a great capacity which has unfortunately become a prisoner of some superpowers. Nonetheless, one can play a constructive role in preventing the double standards of this council from being enacted.”

Elsewhere in his statements, His Eminence stressed that the existence of many problems in the region has its roots in the interferences of some superpowers: “The US and some European powers have played a role in creating bitter events in Syria and Iraq. Therefore, regional peoples are quite rightly pessimistic towards them because they are aware of those interferences.”

From the viewpoint of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, the solution for the problems of the region exists in the region itself.

Referring to the improving condition of Iraq, he said: “It is possible to solve the issue of Syria in the same way, but the main requirement for that is to cut off the support that terrorism and warmongering receive.”

Citing examples of those problematic interferences – including the presence of some European ambassadors among the opponents of the Syrian government and their generous delivery of weapons to them in the beginning of the conflicts in Syria – Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated: “In order to the solve the problem, we should find the root of the problem and then we should cure it.”

Describing his trip to Tehran as a very important and historical trip, Stefan Lofven stated that his negotiations with the Iranian officials have been positive: “We spoke about our economic relations and the important matters in the region and we will try to put the agreements into practice.”

The Prime Minister of Sweden touched on the membership of Sweden in the United Nations Security Council and stressed: “We agreed to take the membership seat in the Security Council in order to accomplish something efficient and different. To that end, we have supported the positions of Non-Aligned countries.”

He stressed the importance of nations’ role – particularly the role of educated and active youth – saying: “The young population of Iran is a very valuable resource and asset.

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