Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Most ancient university in world to hold intl congress

So far representatives from prestigious universities in the world, including Sorbonne and Bologna have voiced readiness to participate in the event.

First International Congress of Gondishapur University was held two years ago. 

The university which is considered one of the ancient international universities dates back to 1,750 years ago and is known as the first university in the world.

Antiquity of the university indicates Iran’s rich civilization and culture in the course of history.

In 2017, UNESCO put the antiquity of the university at 1,750 years in its 39th General Assembly, declaring it the most ancient university in the world.

Currently, some 3,200 students are studying at the university in various majors, including architecture and urban development.

Gondishapur University, also known as Academy of Gondishapur, which is one of the historical sites dating back to Sassanid era played a crucial role in passing on Greek, Iranian and Indian medical knowledge to the Islamic world. The universirty was located in the ancient city called Gundeshapur near the modern city of Dezful in Iran.

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