Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Happy birthday to Imam Ali (AS)

His agnomen: The believers’ prince

His title’s: Abul Hassan “Al- Hassan’s father” Abul- Hassanain “Al- Hassanain’s father” Abus- sibtain “As-sibtain’s father” Abu- turaab.

His father’s name: Abu talib “the prophet’s uncle”, Abd Munaf the son of abdilmuttalib.

His mother’s name: Fatima, the daughter of Assad.

His birth day: He was born on Friday, the thirteenth of rajab month.

His birth place: He was born in the house of God “El- Kabal- Musharrafeh” the exalted Kaba.

His birth year: He was born in the thirteenth year after the elephant’s year.

His decease day: He died on Thursday – night the twenty- first of ramadaan month.

His deceas year: He died in the fourteen A.H.

His age: He was sixty-three years old.

His death reason: He was killed by the sword of muljim’s son during his prayer in Kufeh mosque.

He is burried in Najaf ashraf.

His Birth day in Iran is “Father Day”

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