Swedish Philatelic Federation
The Board for Exhibition and Jury Matters
MEMBER OF THE: ◦ Swedish Philatelic Federation ◦ Royal Philatelic Society London ◦ Iran Philatelic Society, Teheran, Iran
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Ski in Persia (Dizin)
It’s absolutely mind-baffling that Iran, this land of peace and security, that is home to the hottest places on earth in its deserts, has almost a dozen of amazing ski resorts. And if one
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Christmas in Iran
Quran, Not only help us to have better knowledge about personality of the Christ, but also, through it we can achieve increasing love to Him.
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Congratulations on the anniversary of Imam Mahdi’s (AJ) birthday and the International day of the oppressed!
On Sunday millions of Muslims around the world hold ceremonies to celebrate the anniversary of the birthday of the twelfth and last Shia Imam, Imam Mahdi (Peace Be Upon Him). The awaited Savior is not a solely Shia concept as other religions share the same belief in the final redeemer of the world whom in Zoroastrianism is called Soshyant, and in Abrahamic religions is Messiah.
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The Magnificent Persepolis (in Swedish)
This video presents the magnificent Persepolis in Swedish.
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‘Mr. Deer’ wins award at Italy’s Skepto Filmfest.
Iranian short animated piece ‘Mr. Deer’ directed by Mojtaba Mousavi has won the ‘Skeptyricon Special Award’ at the 10th Skepto International Film Festival in Italy.
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‘Women with Gunpowder Earrings’ wins at Millennium Fest. in Belgium
Iranian documentary ‘Women with Gunpowder Earrings’ directed by Reza Farahmand has won the Special Jury Award at the 11th edition of Millennium Festival in Belgium.
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Iranian festivals (in Swedish)
This video presents the Iranian festivals in the Swedish language.
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ICC published a video about Nowruz in Swedish Language
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The Leaders Message about the “Second Phase of the Revolution”
On the Occasion of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution. February 11, 2019
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Irans first ever radio telescope unveiled
Tehran, Feb 25, IRNA – After years of endless efforts, Iranian researchers and scientists were quite successful to design and produce the first ever home-made radio telescope to serve the countrys physicians, academicians and university students, Head of Irans Space Research Center Omid Shokofa said on Monday.
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Some 40,000 foreigners studying in Iranian universities
Yazd, Feb 25, IRNA- There are nearly 40,000 foreign students in universities across Iran, an official says, as the government is trying to increase the number of foreigners who are willing to study in the country.
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‘Women with Gunpowder Earrings’ goes to 3 European festivals
TEHRAN, Feb. 24 (MNA) – Iranian documentary ‘Women with Gunpowder Earrings’ directed by Reza Farahmand will be screened in three international film festivals in Croatia, Belgium and Czech Republic.
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Most ancient university in world to hold intl congress
Tehran, Feb 24, IRNA – Gondishapur University in Iran, the most ancient academy in the world, will hold the Second International Congress in the city of Dezful, southwestern Iran, in the coming days.
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Atshani’s ‘Paradise’, ‘Wishbone’ go to Switzerland Filmfest.
Two Iranian feature films, ‘Paradise’ and ‘Wishbone’ directed by Ali Atshani, have been accepted into the screening program of 2nd Switzerland International Film Festival.
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Handicraft exports exceed $190 million in 9 months
Iranian merchants exported over $195 million worth of handicrafts during the first nine months of the current fiscal (to Dec. 21, 2018), a senior official said.
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‘Beyond the Fence’ goes to Sweden
Tehran, Jan 20, IRNA - Iranian documentary ‘Beyond the Fence’, directed by Arman Qolipour, made it to the competition program of 36th BUFF, international film festival for children and young people scheduled for March 23-29 in Malmö, Sweden.
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Worlds top animations to be screened in Tehran
Tehran, Jan 13, IRNA - The worlds top animations will be featured in various sections of the 11th International Animation Festival of Tehran.